Maybe many of you remember that for a long time I've not used oils in pure form (only as part of ready-made production products) in caring for my hair. Frankly, I didn’t even think about searching for information about how to make oils lighter, so that they don't weigh and overload my hair, but at the same time continue to show their moisture-retaining properties.

But recently, I accidentally stumbled upon information about one interesting component - ISOAMYL LAURATE, ISOAMYL COCOATE.

It's a colourless and odourless vegetable-based emollient that is 100% biodegradable, made from renewable natural sources such as sugar and coconut. It possesses unsurpassed unique and amazing qualities.
It has a superior volatile behaviour, making it the ideal, “improved”, natural replacement for volatile silicones.

😻it reduces the soaping effect/whitening of creams that can occur, especially with natural emulsions, when high amounts of waxes or fatty alcohol are used. Adding Isoamyl laurate, Isoamyl cocoate to such an emulsion reduces this whitening effect efficiently.
😻it dramatically improves the spreadability of deodorants and emulsions with high amount of vegetable oils, butters or waxes. The effect is comparable to volatile silicones.
😻sun screens and vitamins can give a sticky skin feel to an emulsion. When Isoamyl laurate, Isoamyl cocoate is added, this tackiness disappears completely. An ideal solution for day creams with a high SPF or a high content of vitamins.
😻it can easily transform W/O-emulsions into light emulsions that can almost not be distinguished from a O/W-emulsions.
😻it's very effective at dispersing powders such as Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium Chlorohydrate and iron oxide pigments.
😻it's soluble with Dimethicone so it is therefore a powerful (waterproof) make up remover that does not irritate the eyes.
😻it's very effective at dissolving sunscreens, and is more effective than synthetic emollients such as Alkyl Benzoate.
This component really interested me! But, unfortunately, I couldn't find it in free availability for purchase in my city. Only as part of the ready-made products, one of which I immediately acquired through the online store and which you can see in the title photo of this post.⠀Initially, I planned to use mix of pure oils with this component as a substitute for silicone indelible oils (from the use of which I also gave up a long time ago.. Somehow I'll write a post about it), that to apply on hair after washing as a final care step.So, I washed all my hair twice with pseudo-natural shampoo Botavikos Moisturizing. Wrapped hair in a towel for 10 minutes. After that, gave them some more time to dry naturally. Next, I distributed on a slightly damp ends and a length of 5 drops of Siberina oil.To the touch, this oil didn't seem silky to me, on the contrary, it was somehow rough, creaky, non-slip, really “dry”. It was felt on the hair as the same 🤨The effect manifested itself immediately and became even more obvious after the hair was completely dry: - that part of the hair where the oil was applied became more matte, without a glossy shine - provokes a severe overload of hair. There was a strong desire to quickly wash it off from the hair 😬 The length quickly and strongly stuck together in separate strands. Hair seems to cling to each other, tangled and it's difficult to brushing. - very dry ends!!! 😰 They crunch and creak a lot - absolutely doesn't facilitate combing hair, doesn't have the conditioning properties that silicone indelible oils have.

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